Learn IIIF

Image API Playground

The IIIF Image API makes requests to images using a specified URI syntax which changes what image is requested. The syntax consists of a way to identify the image to be requested, as well as additional parameters that can be used to modify the way the image comes back. These request parameters can modify the region of the image, its size, rotation, quality, and the image format. See the API documentation for parameter options you can use.


In the form below, try changing some of the parameters around to see what happens. First perhaps try changing size to pct:10. Then change region to full. Hopefully you will start to see how the IIIF Image API can be used to make image requests.

Above is the Image Information response from the IIIF Image server. This response is used by IIIF Image API clients to determine what types of image requests it can make.

Now that we have learned the basics of requesting images, we need to figure out how to request images that are grouped together.